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Top 7 Free Stock Video Footage Websites

So You Need Cool Videos That Are Totally Free To Use? Here are 7 Free stock video footage websites for your next project.

Ok, so you got the idea going, you got the script and the music, now it’s time to get the footage, you can either film it yourself or you can find stock footage online. Unfortunately, if you ever looked through the stock footage prices online, you know that they can go through the roof really quickly, with one clip sometimes costing upwards of hundreds of dollars.

So here is a short and sweet list of some of the best totally free stock video footage websites for your YouTube video needs. I used all of them on many of my past projects and I still do use them, sometimes more often than the paid versions.

#1. PEXELS –

It is usually my first stop for free and good looking stock footage.
They offer quite a big range and a lot of the footage can be found in 4K. They do source from places like Pixabay. All of the footage is fully free to use even in commercial projects, no attribution required. No complicated licenses to get to know. Just choose and download.

#2. COVERR –

The second choice for good stock footage, there is a bit more limited choice here, but they still do offer quite interesting collections of videos. Again you can use them without any problem and you don’t have to even attribute the author(although it is appreciated).


There is a mix of good and bad quality footage, with a mix of licenses. Most of them are free to use with no attribution required. The amount of the videos available on site is also plentiful although a lot of the clips are in HD or sometimes even lower.

#4. MIXKIT –

Mixkit is something that I discovered not so long ago and it’s moving to be one of my favorites, mostly because of the quality and variation of footage included on the site. I did find some stunning footage there, from what I gathered it is part of Envato family and provides access to a good amount of video footage with 2 licenses, one is the free license (no attribution and you can use it for commercial projects) and restricted license with which you can use the footage only on personal projects. Worth a visit for sure.

Smaller Sites That I don’t use that often:


You can find some interesting footage here, especially if you are looking for footage for a business presentation etc.

There is not a ton of videos on-site and the quality may be also a bit of a hit and miss. The license is fully free, with no attribution required, so that’s a plus.


There is a bit of a mix of some good footage and not that great ones, the same with resolutions. Their license is also a bit of a mess (you can go through it here:

#7. VIDEVO –

They do offer some amount of footage but attribution is required in all the videos used.
The footage is also mixed with the premium footage that you have to pay to use. So again go through it looking for the free badge.


If after looking into all of those sites you are still in need of some specific or very good looking stock footage than I would suggest looking into paid stock footage sites, actually in this article you can find some of the best I used over the years and that are worth paying for in my opinion. Most of them are subscription-based right now too.

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