Hi, my name is Rick, I’m a filmmaker and have been for a long time. I’m saying filmmaker cause it encapsulates all that I’m doing. I studied Cinematography and Film Production for 5 years after which I went into the industry and started working on many different projects in many different roles in many different countries for more than a decade.
Right now I had concentrated my efforts on editing, motion graphics, and documentaries, which does not mean I don’t do the occasional commercial project. 

For the past 3 years, I have been earning a big portion of my living almost exclusively online. I started slowly, through Upwork and moved through many projects and clients to be able to enjoy the freedom it gives when your paycheck is not dependent on where you are.
I started the article side of this site to answer all the questions I get all the time about the practicalities of running an online business of video editing. My hope is to help out people that want to get involved in any way in video editing, filmmaking etc.  or just to want to know simple answers to simple questions.

And what about Trickeza? Well, some of you may know that Trickeza started out as a sort of experimental studio, which dabbled mostly in very creative and original title sequences for movies, series, etc. What we usually did is we mixed a lot of practical effects with compositing to create something with a natural and sometimes grungy feel. If you want to know more about that part of Trickeza, head over to the Film titles section. I will upload some of the projects and try to explain what was done and in what way.

We still do like to do an occasional title sequence or opener, so if you have an idea for a cool and original project give us a shout.