Best Chairs For Video Editing

Best Chairs For Video Editing

One of the best chairs you can buy right now, from my own experience, is the SecretLab’s chair. I was really amazed by their attention to detail, they are beautifully designed, excellent materials(not staining easily) sturdy and very comfortable. Their price may be on the higher side but in my opinion it’s worth it.

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Video creators and editors spend countless hours stationed in front of their screens. As such, it’s most important to have a comfortable and healthy seating arrangement that can support you throughout the day. 

If left unchecked, minor discomfort may escalate to a serious health concern, and thus affect one’s overall posture and health in the long run. 

The good news is, you can easily avoid pain by getting an ergonomic chair. Here are my top 4 picks of the best chairs for video editing available to buy today! 

Top 4 Best Chairs for Video Editing in 2020

Picking the right one is no simple task. I’ve personally spent hours scrolling through reviews, forums, and YouTube videos trying to find the perfect replacement for my 5-year-old office chair. 

Was it worth it? Well, my neck and back certainly believes it is! There are tons of chairs out there to purchase, and I wouldn’t want you to be overwhelmed by the massive selection. So, I’m here to lighten the task of helping you decide!

Check out my top 4 favorite chairs for video editing below.

SecretLab Titan 2020 Chair – Superb Quality and my personal choice

I heard a lot of stuff about SecretLab, almost everyone has seen one in the back of some YouTuber videos or on Twitch, they are everywhere. And there is a good reason for that, extremely good marketing. To be frank that is true, but what is also true is that this chair is really good.

I was on a fence of spending so much money on a chair, but since I spend 8-12 hours a day in one and since I begun to have some back strains I decided, after many reviews, checks, videos, articles to bite the bullet and I ordered one.

I went for the SoftWeave fabric because here in the summer it’s more comfortable option, I also liked the design of the fabric ones more so than the PU Leather they have. And I’m really happy I did, it’s very comfortable and sweating does not appear to bother it or stain it.

But let’s start from the beginning, you order the chair, and depending on the availability you will either get it in a few days or you may wait for it to be in stock, I waited around a month for mine. It arrived on schedule and the first thing I noticed how heavy the box is, it’s really heavy. It took me about 20 minutes to assemble the chair, no problems there. The instructions and the attention to detail is really stunning. When you get the chair and you open up the box, you know you got something premium. You know that feeling when you open anything from Apple or similar companies, it’s the same here. Even the tools they give you to assemble are beautiful.

So, how is it? Sturdy, a bit on the harder side but this is something I like. The adjustments are very good, you can customize almost anything, from height, to if the hand rests will be swiveled in or out. The lumbar support is adjustable and very good.
The additional pillow is very nice and does not get hot thanks to the cooling pad inside. The wheels are super silent and in general all the movements and adjustments are very silent.

I heard people had problem with the support of SecretLab, but I only had good experience with them. I noticed on the back of my chair there was a small puncture, nothing serious, can’t even see it with the pillow on top, it could have been there from before, it could happen during the delivery, not sure, but I contacted the support, send them few pictures of the chair and box it arrived in and they decided that they will send me a new back of the chair, which is super nice. They did tell me though it will arrive in a month or so because of the back log of deliveries, which again is not a problem for me.


  • Extremely good quality, feels premium and all of the parts of the chair are very well made and thought through.
  • Fully adjustable lumbar and armrest system
  • Super silent
  • Breathable and stain-free fabric (SoftWeave)
  • Attention to detail and the experience
  • 3 Years warranty + 2 extra years if you publish a pic of it online


  • The main con here is the price, but it is what you pay for.

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair – Best Overall 

Admittedly, at first glance, the NOUHAUS Ergonomic Chair isn’t the prettiest out there. But don’t let its appearance fool you. Beneath the surface, the NOUHAUS Ergonomic Chair is a premium product made by an excellent brand

NOUHAUS utilizing a proprietary technology they call the Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL).This means that the lumbar support changes and shifts whenever you position yourself differently on the chair. The result? You’ll always get the right amount of support no matter what your sitting position is! 

The armrests can be adjusted to your tastes. You can slide them backward or forwards, close together or far apart. This feature is only typically found in chairs costing over $400, so I’m quite impressed with how flexible this chair is. 

Plus, this chair is incredibly rugged and can stand up to heavy daily use without wearing out its cushioning. 

Overall, the  NOUHAUS Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair has an amazing production quality and its versatile adjustment features that are sure to impress you. I certainly am!


  • Designed to rely on the biomorphic principles of the body, thus greatly reducing the risk of back and neck sprains
  • Adjustable lumbar and armrest system allows you to adjust to the ideal position for your next task 
  • Articulated headrest provides excellent head and neck support
  • Breathable and comfortable padding 


  • Isn’t designed for bigger and/or taller people 
  • Looks a bit off-putting 

Hbada Office Task Desk Chair – Best Value

The Hbada Office Task Desk Chair combines modern aesthetics and functionality in one solid product. Its streamlined design doesn’t take too much space, and it comes with a good lumbar support and breathable backrest. 

The ergonomic backrest fits the natural curve of your lower back, which aids in taking the pain of the spine away from your body. It also comes with flip-up arms, a 120° tilt tension, and a pneumatic height adjustable from 17.7 inches to 21.2 inches to match its user’s stature. 

With a weight capacity of 250lb, its heavy-duty base comes with smooth and silent rolling casters, which makes it perfect for home use. There’s almost nothing to hate about the Hbada office chair, and it’s rare to find such features for the price it comes with. 


  • 90-degree adjustable armrests allow you to put the chair under the desk, thus saving space 
  • Breathable cushioning to you keep you from becoming hot and/or uncomfortable after hours of sitting
  • Nylon caster wheels absorb shock, is non-slip, and wear-resistant
  • Easy installation 
  • Great value for money


  • Not for heavy and/or tall people 

Smugdesk Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair – Best Budget Ergonomic Chair

The Smugdesk Office Chair won me over for its ergonomic design and affordable price. Price doesn’t always dictate the quality of the product, and this chair is an example of just that. 

This chair has everything you’d look for an office chair: it’s comfortable, gives sufficient support, and, most importantly, is ergonomic. Although it doesn’t look ‘premium’ as the rest of the chairs on this list, its simplicity and price makes it to my top 3. 

It features a breathable padded seat, ergonomic armrests, smooth swivel casters, and a durable base that supports the weight of up to 250lbs. Its rocking function is a plus, as it allows you to relax from heavy work. 

The breathable mesh feels quite easy on the back, and it’ll come handy during the summer. With this, you won’t have to worry about sweating through your clothes just in case your air conditioning is in need of repair. 

Overall, this chair is certainly a top pick for those who aren’t prepared to spend hundreds on a chair. 


  • Padding is comfortable to sit on for extended periods of time
  • Its ergonomic, three-degree curved seat compliments the human body curve
  • Flexible and durable chair wheels
  • Pneumatic adjustment lever allows you to easily change the chair’s height to your liking


  • Doesn’t have an adjustable backrest 
  • Bit difficult to assemble 

Key Factors to Consider Before Buying a Video Editing Chair 

Before you buy a new office chair, you’ll first need to closely consider the following: 


I know it sounds obvious, but one of the most important things to consider when buying a chair for video editing is comfort. There are a ton of office chairs out there that look fancy, and are built with high-quality materials, but they often come too soft or too hard. 

When buying a chair, you’ll need to be able to sit on it comfortably for hours at a time without feeling sore or any pain. As such, the chair needs to give sufficient cushioning without it being too soft, for both the armrests and the cushion at the back. 


Although it’s tempting to buy one of those no-back support or ball chairs, it’s not the best choice when it comes to working on long tasks. 

A good chair should have enough support for your back and neck so you can sit for hours without feeling discomfort. 


When it comes to design, no two brands are 100% alike. It’s best to buy an ergonomic chair that is specifically designed for people who work long hours. 

An ergonomic chair prevents serious back problems, such as strain injuries or skeletal disorders, and is a smart option to prevent long-term disabilities. 


A comfortable chair makes your editing sessions comfortable and productive. Each of the products mentioned above are considered to be the best chairs for video editing, and has received a ton of positive reviews from their past users.

Don’t forget to also get a sturdy and practical desk for your chair.

As for my personal choice, I quite love the SecretLab Titan Chair! As long as the measurements are a good fit, I highly recommend you check out this gem.

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