Best mouse for video editing

Best Mouse For Video Editing

When you work on video editing for hours on end, trying to finish the last project for your client there are 2 things you use more than anything else, your keyboard and your mouse. We already did a small comparison of video editing keyboards now it’s time for the mouse part.

I tested most of these mice that we have today in the list, I tried them, I checked them, I learned about their shortcomings and about their pros.

So, without further ado:

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Logitech G502 Hero – My Personal Choice

Logitech G502 Mouse

After many reviews, sites, videos, and just plain testing I conclude that this is the best choice for video editing.
It’s not overwhelming, there are enough programmable buttons to be useful and not annoying(like in Nagra model where just remembering where is what is annoying as hell)

Ok, so why this mouse? What is so special about it? Well after having it for about 4 months and using it everyday video editing, color grading, using After Effects, etc. I must say, it’s pretty good and very practical, it certainly shaved quite some time from using it.

It has 11 programmable buttons that are perfectly placed around the mouse,

As a comfort goes, it’s very comfortable, my hands are a bit big on most mice but it sits very well on this mouse, the materials feel very good and pleasant. The mouse comes also with weights that you can put inside the mouse to make the mouse as heavy or as light as you want it, which is a brilliant idea. Another thing is the limitless scroll wheel, you can either have it the standard way, click scroll, or the fully free magnetic scroll which sometimes is a life-saver. It’s quiet and super fast.

The software that comes with the mouse is quite good, you have to program it for each application you want to use or you can download templates that other users are already using in some of those applications. The software skips between application automatically, sometimes it forgets to skip or skips into the wrong one, but it’s not a big thing. Still usable.

I like that the mouse also has an adjustable precision sensitivity, so for some software, you can have it very sensitive for some other less. You can also program the logo on the back of the mouse to either change colors, have one or a few colors or circualte between them. Pretty cool and not so intrusive as some gaming mouses out there.

The cable is also very well made, braided and long so much harder to destroy or accidentally run over with something. Overall the mouse is superb.

You can get this mouse also in wireless, with Logitech Lightspeed tech. The problem is they are constantly out of stock. If you find one, it’s certainly good buy. Logitech G502 Lightspeed.


  • 11 programmable buttons
  • Good customization software
  • Additional weights
  • Nice feeling, sturdy
  • Excellent cable, durable, braided, and long
  • Comfortable
  • Not so expensive. Good value for money


  • The software sometimes can be glitchy

Razer Basilisk V2 and Ultimate

Razer Basilisk Ultimate / V2

Razer Basilisk is quite well made mouse, primarily for gamers but it found it’s way to other areas too. I checked two versions of this mouse, the V2 which is wired and Ultimate which is wireless. That is the main difference between the two(and the price, the wireless one is almost double the price)

What it offers is, 11 programmable buttons, well placed on the mouse, very similar to Logitech G, the buttons are not confusing or crammed together so that’s good. The mouse feels good and sturdy in hand and during using it.

As the Logitech one it also includes the smooth scroll wheel that can switch between the two modes. Tactile and smooth.

I think as the materials go, it actually feels even better than Logitech one, it feels more premium.

I’m not fully sure about the software that mouse comes with. I heard some people have problem with it some other do not.


  • 11 programmable buttons
  • A bit more premium materials than G502
  • Comfortable
  • Price almost the same as G502


  • The wireless Ultimate model is priced double
  • A lot of leds on one small mouse

Logitech MX Master 3

Logitech MX Master 3

The classic option. No thrills, no neon colors, no excessive number of buttons. The buttons it has are not exactly programmable, you have just few options that you can use in your software and that’s it.

Ergonomicaly it’s probably the best, it feels sturdy and comfortable, very easy on the wrists and the feel of the materials is very pleasant.

This mouse is fully wireless, and although I’m not always a huge fan of wireless mouse this one does it quite well. The internal battery keeps the mouse running on single charge for about 70 days, so you don’t have to keep on charging it every few hours like some other mouse.

My problem with this mouse are the buttons, it’s a peety you can’t change and fully customize them and make them work as you want. Also 7 buttons in total is just to few for me.

It does offer some additional functions like copy and paste from one computer to another using the mouse. Or jumping through different systems easily and quickly but it’s not something that is essential to video editing work.


  • Premium feel, and a bit bigger than other mice
  • Very comfortable for the wrists
  • Wireless but functional, 70 days on one charge


  • Only wireless option
  • A bit more expensive than other mice on this list(still cheaper than Razer wireless one)
  • Too few programmable buttons

related questions

What Is The Best Mouse For Media Composer?

I would say G502 is a pretty good choice for that software too, with enough programmable buttons and ease of customization for any software you want.

Is Trackball Mouse For Video Editing?

Well in theory it could be a very good mouse for designers, photographers and video editing it really comes to your own preference. Trackball mice are a bit different in how they behave and in how they feel. Not everybody can get accustomed to it.

Best Video Editing Keyboard?

For my buck, it has to be Corsair K95. We covered it in detail in another post: Best Keyboards For Video Editing

Wireless or Wired? Which Is Better?

It comes out again to your preferences. For this list I tried to concentrate on mice that are wired. Since they are more reliable and in general not swapping batteries or worrying about them is one less headache for a video editor. But I’m sure there are a lot of people that prefer not to have a cable. Your choice. Almost all of the models here are also available in one way or another as wireless.


For my buck, Logitech G502 Hero is a superb mouse. It offers everything I need and more. 11 buttons, quick and responsive, comfortable to use for hours on end. The software and the amount of customization are also admirable. Really there is not much more I need from a mouse. That is why Logitech G502 is the best mouse for video editing for me.

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Written by Rick